Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lily's first blog

I do not have a facebook page, I refuse to text, I don't even know what twitter is - but now I have my own BLOG. By the way, could they have come up with an UGLIER name for this? BLOG. I decided it was time to blog because it's the first thing on my mind each morning - I often wake up thinking BLOG... or maybe it's BLAH? Oh well, it's done now and gives me just one more thing to keep up with! I should be able to keep up with this, though, and if I organize it well, it will be a good way for you to see what's up with us easily. I'm interested in your thoughts about that...

So, here's what's new at the bayou:

- Seed beads are on sale in April - 25% off! That includes charlottes, bugles, cubes, Delicas, hanks, etc. - all of 'em. And we recently received 100 pounds of new ones, so there are lots of choices!

- ZUMBA! Yes, Zumba is coming! No, we're not going to be doing it in the shop - but right next door! Our friend Margit has been teaching this incredibly fun Latin-dance-esque form of exercise for a while and we think we can round up enough folks to get her out to teach a weekly class for us. Unfortunately, the space is not available right now in the evening, so she's working on getting a daytime class going. She's offering a free class next Thursday, April 8th at 10 a.m. If you want to know a little more about ZUMBA, just google it and you'll see lots of places you can look at videos and such. The main thing is, it's upbeat, great Latin music, easy steps (and I guess it doesn't even matter if you get the steps just right as long as you're moving your body to the music but don't tell Margit I said so) and Margit says the more people there are, the more fun it is. So try to join us for this free class next week. Rachel and I are going to do it for sure - we're just wondering how well it's going to work out for us to work up a sweat, then open the shop at 11! Maybe I'll just get the landlord to install a shower for us...

- We're having a "box show" the last week in April - starting April 25th. One of my suppliers often sends me boxes of new stuff "on approval", and I buy what I want and send the rest back. Sometimes I love it all and want to keep it all and maybe you all don't love it as much as I do, so it sits around until I finally put it on clearance. And even though I try to buy stuff I DON'T like, thinking not everyone shares my taste, I still fail to anticipate everyone's desires and the coming trends sometimes. So THIS time, I'm going to spread out all the stuff on my big table and let you take your pick BEFORE I make my picks and return the rest. Doesn't that sound great?!

- Be sure to go to the website and check out the classes coming up this month. ( There are some good old standbys, some exciting new ones, and I'm actually planning to teach that microme toursade class that so many of you have asked for. I'm making kits for it, and am working on my second sample right now - I have just one little "issue" to resolve then it will go on the calendar.

- Speaking of the website... I love our new site and I'm having lots of fun messing around with it. I started with a template recommended to me by a professional photographer. I went to her site and it was so beautiful - clean, spare, refreshing, easy to navigate, uncluttered - everything I wanted mine to be - so I bought the template. I soon learned that it really DOESN'T fit my needs to a T, but I still love the look, so I'm working at making it work. So in the meantime, I think I can use this blog to respond to problems you might have with it, and provide some pointers on making it work. For example - the only way I can make the full written descriptions appear on the class samples is to put them in a "sale" gallery, so on each one there's a "BUY" button. It doesn't do anything, though, so don't try to register using the BUY button. Maybe we will be able to do that at some point, but not yet. If you have problems with the site, let me know and I'll see if I can figure out how to make it work better for you.

I could go on and on, but it's after 9 a.m. and I'm still sitting here in my jammies when I should be on my way to the shop, so that's all for now!

In closing, just let me tell you how very much we appreciate you guys! When I thank God for everything he's done for me Rachel is at the top of my list (second only to my wonderful husband, Jim, who supports me in too many ways to mention!) and our wonderful "peeps" (that's you - our customers who have become friends for whom we care deeply) are way up there too. Truly. It's a delight to see you walk through the door.

Bead well!


  1. Hi, could you point me to where your store hours are? thanks!

  2. Lily this is great!

    "Blog" is short for web log.

    I couldn't understand why you had to buy this template, though. My first blog on was made using this same exact template! and it was one of the template choices they offer for free - I didn't have to pay for it.